Company b - fascinated (remixes)

"Fascinated" has been covered by other club dance recording artists, such as Lisa B , the American-born singer Suzanne Palmer , the Canadian-born singer Emjay , and Nigerian-born singer Carol Jiani .

In 1989, Company B released its follow-up album Gotta Dance , sporting a revamped image: gone were the platinum wigs. Also seemingly gone were the Latin-flavored rhythms of the previous album. Singles culled from the album included the house-influenced "You Stole My Heart," "Gotta Dance," and a cover of the Andrews Sisters song " Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy " (the song that served as inspiration of the group's name). Despite music videos for "You Stole My Heart" and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," the group did not attain the same success as they did with their debut effort. A third album recycled a few songs from the first album, including the track "Jam on Me," which included additional lyrics.

Company B - Fascinated (Remixes)Company B - Fascinated (Remixes)Company B - Fascinated (Remixes)Company B - Fascinated (Remixes)