Germs - forming

If you thought airplane bathrooms were gross, you don't even know the half of it. As it turns out, tray tables host the most germs on airplanes with a bacteria population of 2,155 per square inch.

After the Germs recorded for Chris D.'s Tooth and Nail compilation in late 1978, the (GI) sessions took place in 1979 at Quad Teck recording studio in Los Angeles . [7] [8] Lead singer Crash had originally wanted former Paul Revere & the Raiders vocalist Mark Lindsay to produce, but while Lindsay was willing to do the job, he turned out to be too expensive for Slash Records to afford. Joan Jett , a longtime friend and heroine of many of the band members since her time in the Runaways , was asked to produce the album. [7] [9] [10]

Germs - FormingGerms - FormingGerms - FormingGerms - Forming